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The Power Foods Lifestyle is a system of eating that allows you to learn scientific principles, while strategizing the approach best for YOU.

Jul 19, 2016

Malicious cycles of restrictive diets, over-zealous effort in exercising, and constant internal/external pressure to look a certain way causes both  women AND men to reach a point of sheer frustration. That frustration may manifest itself in disordered eating, thinking, and an obsessive life that keeps its victim from enjoying true freedom.

In this podcast episode, Kristy Jo joins Rachel Gonzales, one of the triumphant members of Body Buddies who has risen above the cycle to reach her goals, and now wants to share her message with others.

In this episode, Kristy Jo and Rachel discuss the following:

-Why this obsession is very prevalent in gymnasts, dancers, cheerleaders, etc.

-Feeling lie you put in a lot of effort but don't get the results you want

-Feeling condemned to look how you currently do, assuming a "nothing works" mentality

-Beginning to worry more about you FEEL than how you look

-How to focus on spirituality while simultaneously working on body composition shifts

-How eating more over time in a progressive manner helps you get tighter and have more energy

-Fluff and Softness > Fat (vocabulary changes for psychological purposes)

-Overcoming the fear of not working out because you're scared you'll get "fat"

-Not using contest prep as a motivation to "get in shape"

Tune into this episode to learn, get inspired, and see that there is a better way of thinking, eating, and training. This episode is one we hope will help at least one person realize there is a better way, and paint a picture of hope for them.