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The Power Foods Lifestyle is a system of eating that allows you to learn scientific principles, while strategizing the approach best for YOU.

Feb 3, 2016

Join Kristy Jo as she interviews Dr. Bob DeMaria, Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) and a Natural Health Doctor (NHD). He is the owner/founder of The Drugless Doctors chiropractic and wellness clinic in Cleveland, OH and, his online platform. He is the author of eight books including the best-seller "Dr. Bob's Drugless Guide to Balancing Female Hormones" & the upcoming "Guide to Prevent Surgery". 

  • Best options for handling Depression and Anxiety naturally
  • Difficulty Falling Asleep
  • Sore Muscles after Exercise
  • Waking Up with Headaches
  • How often you should be pooping
  • How sugar removes minerals from the body
  • Alkaline water: should you be drinking it?
  • Fruit and its impacts on the liver
  • Gall bladder removal implications
  • The natural way to improve thyroid function
  • The natural way to improve PCOS implications on infertility
  • How to reduce, if not prevent cold sores
  • Breast health

Resources From the Podcast Episode

Oximeter: measures the saturated oxygen in your body

Liquid Iodine:

Hormone/Cholesterol Chart: Click here to View

Consultations with Dr. Bob: