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The Power Foods Lifestyle is a system of eating that allows you to learn scientific principles, while strategizing the approach best for YOU.

Jan 2, 2019

If only there were a method to help people find the way of eating that works best for them, while applying all of the principles that are proven to prevent disease, extend life, and improve natural energy along the way!

But there is! And it's called The Power Foods Lifestyle!

In this episode of the Body Buddies Podcast, Kristy Jo discusses the Power Foods Lifestyle Cheat Sheet and how simple it is to get started today, even while you are learning!

Kristy Jo asks those who follow the PFL to become a Strategist of their own health, which requires them to enter a new way of thinking. 

The PFL has been shown to reduce cholesterol, soothe digestive distress, reduce if not completely eliminate headaches and migraines, boost natural energy, raise metabolism, and prevent as well as reverse many chronic health conditions. The PFL is science, plain and simple.

"The Power Foods Lifestyle education is higher level. But you will notice higher level thinking and eating leads to higher level living and loving in every other area of your life." -Kristy Jo Wengert



0:00: Introduction to Body Buddies and Power Foods Lifestyle

1:35: How you can know what Nutrition Strategy works for you

3:30: Yes, you can start again! Believe in yourself!

4:00: Tiers of the Power Foods Lifestyle

5:58: Phases of learning and applying the PFL and creating sustainable lifestyle changes

6:49: 6 Meals/day strategy explained and the combinations of macros in PVC, PVF, or PVFC.

7:19: Which foods are fats, carbs, or proteins? How should I know?

8:01: How you'll reduce symptoms of IBS

8:45: Should YOU do 6 meals/day?

9:39: When to do your blood marker labs for cholesterol, blood sugar, and other nutrition profiles.

10:32: When you should eat your last meal of the day

10:49: Macronutrients and Calories--how do they have a relationship of importance?

12:20: Vegetables Variety and Color

13:20: How detoxification happens every day, and every meal when following the Power Foods Lifestyle

14:43: Why YOU have to become a detective of your own body

15:30: Protein amounts and peak ranges

16:33: How men can use the numbers I provide women to get awesome results too!

17:46: Why you shouldn't introduce too many new foods at one time

18:30: My former self was overwhelmed with new foods that I thought were WEIRD and how the PFL came to be.

19:43: Energy nutrients of carbohydrates and fats

19:56: One of the WORST mistakes you can make is doing the Atkins diet. The science behind these macronutrient shifts.

23:06: Oxidation of fats by eating Fats plus Carbs together

25:00: Why I like you to be Higher Level thinker

25:55: How the pre-frontal cortex and repetition helps you make new habits in your lifestyle change

27:20: What's in the Power Foods Lifestyle Starter Kit?