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The Power Foods Lifestyle is a system of eating that allows you to learn scientific principles, while strategizing the approach best for YOU.

Nov 14, 2018

Are you experiencing brain fog, fatigue, a less-than-stellar memory, and other troublesome factors in your life? This could most definitely be DUE TO YOUR NUTRITION!

In this FREE masterclass episode, Kristy Jo will help you learn how to obtain vibrant Energy & Stress Relief in 4 Simple Steps.

You will learn how to say goodbye to the sluggish feeling in your body in less than two days!

  1. The right way to get feeling better quickly instead of what the MARKETING world will tell you
  2. Which fats to eat without getting fat
  3. Create better brain chemicals (neurotransmitters)
  4. How to still enjoy yummy treats without ruining your health

…WITHOUT weighing food, counting calories, etc!

Let’s find a STRATEGIC solution and take control. Yes, everyone has conditions that cause them distress and frustration—we are all human. But what we can do is seek to find a solution and take ownership of our situation while leaving behind the victim mentality.

This episode includes some of the following:

  • When to go lower carb or ketosis
  • What happens when you overeat carbs hormonally
  • How much sleep to be getting
  • Utilizing the sauna
  • What to do when you’re hungry all the time
  • Utilizing fats energy instead of carbs
  • Hypothyroidism approaches
  • How many meals per day to eat
  • Mental and Spiritual Factors
  • Indulging types and knowing your psychological factor

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