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The Power Foods Lifestyle is a system of eating that allows you to learn scientific principles, while strategizing the approach best for YOU.

May 3, 2018

Self Mastery in Body and Mind-

Are you ready to take your mindset and awareness of body behavior to the next level? Are you ready to challenge your patterns of habit and optimize them to coming from a place of love?

If so, you'll LOVE this podcast, a piece of a recording from the Body Buddies World Masterclass in April. Each month, Kristy Jo hosts Facebook Live training for members to train on topics, answer questions, boost morale, and get members excited about their health journey!

Join Today for just $8/month:

Body Buddies World Membership is the PERFECT way to get accountable, stay connected, and get answers to your questions while completing any Body Buddies program or coaching.

  • 38% off Coaching Calls with Kristy Jo up to a 2x/month!
  •  Post questions in the group anytime to get support from the community of members. You will feel a new motivation and surge of "I can do it" in your life!
  •  Post questions in the group and tag @Kristy Jo Hunt for a direct answer to your nutrition, mindset, or fitness question from Kristy Jo.
  •  Watch the monthly Masterclass Facebook Live during the filming, OR watch the video afterward--it's archived in the group for you to watch anytime and even review past Masterclasses.
  •  Receive weekly emails with mindset, nutrition, and fitness tips!
  •  Connect with other like-minded people with questions on cooking, motivation, discipline, food prep, traveling, fitness adaptations, etc.
  •  100% respect and love in this group -- all vulnerability and authenticity is encouraged and well received by this loving group of members.
  •  100% clean language and no spam EVER! This is a VERY filtered group with only high-class members!