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Oct 18, 2017

"The Big Comeback" with Heather Dees-

Have you ever felt like you'd never be as good as you used to be?

Does it feel like you reached your prime a while ago and that you need to accept the new path of your life?

Are you READY to accept that, or do you need a little push to help you see the light?

Tune into this podcast episode where Kristy Jo interviews IFBB Figure Pro, Heather Dees, who made her back come back to place fourth at the 2017 Olympia Bodybuilding Competition in September 2017. Heather is a 4x Olympian, 6x Arnold Classic Figure International Top 6 Athlete, and has placed Top 6 in 21 of  24 Pro Figure Shows.

After a car accident in 2013, Heather experienced neurological issues that impacted her competing for the next 4 years. It took years of therapy to get her back to her best shape ever and get answers for her body!

In this episode you will hear Heather talk about:

  • What it felt like to take 4th after years of not being at her best
  • How it felt to have doctors finally figure out what was wrong, and beginning treatment
  • The mindset that she had to have to believe she could get through her challenges
  • What her relationship is like with her husband being her trainer
  • The top 3 supplements with chelated minerals from VitalBody that have made all the difference for Heather
  • Her favorite and most effective lift for EVERY muscle group

Get motivated to make YOUR best comeback.

You deserve to FIGHT for what you want! Share this with someone who needs to make a comeback whether physically or mentally. LET'S GO!!

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Find Heather on Instagram: @ifbbheatherdees

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Get to know Heather Dees:
  • IFBB Figure Professional Athlete
  • licensed cosmetologist and esthetician for 12 years.
  • 4x Olympian
  • 6x Arnold Classic Figure International Top 6 Athlete
  • Top 6 in 21 of  24 Pro Figure Shows
I have competed in 33 Shows during my figure career. Since earning my pro card back in 2010 at the NPC Nationals, I have competed in 24 Pro Shows, including 4x Olympian and 6 times competing in the Ms. Figure international Arnold Classic. I have placed in the Top 6 at 21 of my 24 Pro Shows. Being a Figure athlete is about bettering myself through setting personal goals, exercising discipline and inspiring other women to reach their fitness potential. 
Getting into the Fitness industry has motivated me to become a personal trainer and posing coach. I started coaching girls in 2010 and enjoy watching other women changing their physique and finding new motivation to change their lifestyle. I love coaching girls in posing as they transform their physiques to step on stage.
Before I ever stepped on the stage I had a career as a licensed cosmetologist and master esthetician. I have been doing this for 12 years and I continue my practice as a stylist in my own studio and still love working on my clients doing hair, skin and makeup services. 
Aside from my career, I am a Wife to a wonderful Husband for 8 years & who has also been my coach for over 10 years. Every athlete needs a coach and I've been fortunate to have my husband introduce me into an industry that has become a career and passion of mine. Justin Dees has taken me from my very first NPC Show to the Olympia stage 4 times. I am also a stepmom to 4 amazing children, 1 daughter, and 3 sons. They are all getting older now (19yrs, 17yrs, 15 yrs, 10yrs old) but I've been around since they were very little. It's such a blessing to be the mother figure before ever giving birth to my own children. I have 3 little fur babies, 2 chihuahuas, and 1 Pomeranian. As crazy as life can get with my careers and household, I love my life and all the adventures it brings.

"The Big Comeback" with Heather Dees