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The Power Foods Lifestyle is a system of eating that allows you to learn scientific principles, while strategizing the approach best for YOU.

Apr 6, 2017

In Episode #152 of the Body Buddies Podcast with Chris Kidawski, you'll get inspired to avoid making mistakes and start taking action!

You will learn in this interview mindsets behind getting to the gym and getting motivated, the biggest mistakes people make in the gym and nutrition as well as exactly which machines to avoid in the gym. You will be inspired

About Chris Kidawski:





• Bachelors in Social Science

• Masters in Kinesiology

• Strength coach for 18 years

• Trained Navy SEALs & professional athletes

• Over 8 certifications related to health and wellness

• Business owner for over three years

• Self-Published 2 books

• Speaker and presenter

Chris Kidawski has been in the health and fitness profession for over 17 years now. His journey started in 1999 when he quit playing football for The University at Buffalo and decided if he can’t be in the NFL, he was going to help people get there.

First, as a personal trainer at the Buffalo Athletic club, he noticed that his clients were getting better results than others, AND he had a knack for programming effectively as well. His boss Micah told him that if he really wanted to make a difference he should become a Certified Strength and Conditioning specialist, which he did.

His first job was as student strength and conditioning coach at the University at Buffalo for two years where he was in charge of the women’s basketball team. After achieving his bachelor’s in social science, he became a graduate assistant strength coach at the University of Hawai’i where he worked with softball, baseball, women’s soccer, men’s and women’s golf, men’s and women’s swimming and diving, football, and earned his Masters in Kinesiology. During that time he was also an adjunct professor instructing a kinesiology course on weightlifting. It was during this time that Chris realized his ability to motivate and inspire others and often used essay’s by Ralph Waldo Emerson, or poems from Walt Whitman to educate his athletes thus developing their minds as well as their bodies. After graduating, Chris was a freelance coach for the next five years, while also working on Hickam air force base as a carpenter.

In 2011 he was hired by Davone Bess, wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins as a performance enhancement coach and the head of his non-profit organization, The Bess Route Foundation. It was here that he had the best of both worlds working on both the physical and mental side simultaneously. Besides taking care of Davone’s strength and conditioning program, and nutrition, Chris developed a mentorship program for Broward county schools called 7 Ways to Change Your Mind where he and Davone held a 1-hour presentation and then mentored the schools mentors for an hour. The program was wildly successful and earned Davone the Walter Payton man of the year award for the Dolphins, and also earned the foundation an award for best new program from Generation Nexxt.

Sadly, Davone was traded to Cleveland in 2013 which forced Chris to go back to what he knew best – getting people strong and fit! Chris became the head coach of a CrossFit gym and ran it successfully before it was sold 8 months later and he was relieved of his duties. Undaunted, he opened his own CrossFit Gym called CrossFit Kismet, a term which means fate or destiny. It was here Chris’ talents really started to bloom.

At CrossFit Kismet, Chris developed a fitness regimen that helped get people in shape safely, and healed their injuries as well utilizing a series of  obility techniques implicated before exercising. Through his monthly newsletter he delved deeper into physiology, and psychology touching on topics such as intuition,

happiness, and forgiveness. Chris’ goal was to train the body, mind, and spirit and achieved great success for over two years with this model, but soon he fell deeply in love with writing and as fate would have it, he lost his lease when the shopping mall his gym was in was sold and redeveloped into multi-family housing. Coaching now took on a new form and in the past 8 months, Chris published two books and is currently writing a third.

Sticking to this body, mind, and spirit model, his first book called The Death Of The  Diet is a book on correctly applying proper nutrition standards into your life. It’s not a lose weight quick guide, or roller coaster fad diet; rather it is about eating what you want at the correct times you’re supposed to eat it, and sticking to wholesome,

natural foods without chemicals or preservatives. He offers three guides which help you with three main goals: weight loss, maintaining your weight and feeling good, and lastly how to eat for performance.

Chris’ second book called The Everspace: Utilizing the Power Of God and Neuroscience To Create Stillness Within was a calling of his for a very long time. In this book Chris describes the techniques he has used to deal with adversity, fears, and death. What Chris realized was that most people either use faith when adversity strikes, or they accumulate the most knowledge they can to defeat adverse positions in life. The key – and the greatest amount of growth comes from utilizing both.

Today, Chris is committed to consulting and speaking on all facets of health and wellness to help people live and feel better. His new goal is to never stop helping people open up their hearts, their minds, and ultimately their lives.