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The Power Foods Lifestyle is a system of eating that allows you to learn scientific principles, while strategizing the approach best for YOU.

Oct 29, 2014

Fasting is a tool used by many people for religious purposes, improved health, or to demonstrate political reform! 

Fasting can be an experience you dread, even when you know how helpful it is for your body. Or DO you know?

You see, a properly utilized fast (18-24 hours) will help you to jump-start your body into better...

Oct 27, 2014

  • Is it better to walk on a treadmill on an incline?
  • How can you maximize the effort you put into bodyweight exercises?
  • Where do your elbows go on an overhead press?
  • When is it okay to "drop your form" in order to get a weight up?

Tune into this podcast episode as Kristy Jo, Certified Personal Trainer and founder of the...

Oct 23, 2014

Training for bodybuilding competitions (bodybuilding, physique, figure, bikini) is TOUGH, but it's something bery popular these days with the health and fitness push! I am asked frequently about how it works, and what to expect. This podcast episode is where I lay it all out for you--how much time to plan for, the...

Oct 20, 2014

As you seek to live the Power Foods Lifestyle, you may find that there are some "hard parts" about it--well guess what. Any effort to be our best will bring with it some points of resistance that we need to learn to strategize around.

In this podcast episode, Kristy Jo addresses some of the common concerns, worries, and...

Oct 14, 2014

Life before the Power Foods Lifestyle brought with it a lot of emotional pain, frustration, and turmoil in family life.

As the champion of the Power Foods Lifestyle Challenge Round 7, Jerica Shaw has opened up about what she experienced and the shift in how she feels now that she has a structured eating plan...