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Apr 25, 2019

Download the FULL Keto Cheat Sheet Here:

Learn the Top 5 macro-based foods for KETO:

  • Power Proteins
  • Power Vegetables
  • Power Fats

When making a Keto meal, try to follow one of the following meals:

  • VFF (veggie + fat + fat)
  • PVF (protein + veggies + fat)

Healthy Power Foods...

Apr 17, 2019

You may have heard how incredible Intermittent Fasting can be for your health by now, but maybe this conflicts with what you KNOW about the Power Foods Lifestyle being mainly focused around small, frequent meals.

In this episode, Kristy Jo discusses the importance of BOTH strategies, outlining their benefits, the...

Apr 8, 2019

In this episode of the Body Buddies Podcast, Kristy Jo, author of the Power Foods Lifestyle and creator of the Body Buddies 3-phase Keto approach explains why Keto is a utility diet only to be utilized for 1-3 months.

The 3-phase approach will help you exit the Keto strategy (eating to deprive the body of glucose so the...