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#CoachKristyJo bridges the gap between the optimality of nutrition and fitness science and the reality of our day-to-day lives and psychology.

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Jul 28, 2015

EVERY single person is prone to experiencing symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome. Stress to the adrenal glands can happen through physical, emotional, or psychological trauma--quite simply stated, the overuse of them. If you are constantly tired, rely on caffeine or soda to get you going, and have a hard time getting...

Jul 21, 2015

When it comes to Paleo vs. IIFYM vs. Slimfast vs. Weight Watchers, many people are left following an approach, but still not understanding what they're doing and why their body is or isn't changing. The Power Foods Lifestyle training and understanding of food will help you be able to view any diet or approach out...

Jul 16, 2015

Most people WANT to change and do better. They want to feel confident in their bodies, full of energy, spirit, and not have to worry about disease or illness. However, there are so many obstacles to getting there, in spite of that desire. 

Tune in as Kristy Jo talks through many Body Buddies' concerns as they posted on...

Jul 14, 2015

Fat loss and weight loss are NOT difficult to achieve. Yet still, our country remains overweight! We of course have to have the desire to change, which many people do! But then they go about it the wrong way and run into problems of binging, over-restrictiveness, nutrient deiciencies, and metabolic adaptation.


Jul 7, 2015

The supplement companies seem to pop out of the woodwork with new products, marketing, and spiffy-looking labels every day! How are you to see through the fog and know what you ACTUALLY should be taking, and avoid the common mistakes that many make?

Tune into this podcast episode where Kristy Jo talks with Jake Taylor...