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Kristy Jo

Sep 8, 2017

Are you a mother who feels guilty whenever putting time into fitness and your health?

Do you feel that you're doing your family and children a disservice by putting yourself as a priority?

Tune into this Body Buddies episode where Kristy Jo interviews Amanda Barker, founder of HalfTee Layering, about how SHE does it as...

Sep 5, 2017

Fasting can be an experience you dread, whether it’s a monthly religious principle or a physical effort that you know will help you to jump-start your body into better health.

However, when this tool of dietary intake control is utilized properly, fasting can be a safe and extremely effective way for the body to...

Aug 30, 2017

If you’re experiencing Digestive Issues, Constipation, Gas, Bloating, or feeling like your body is ‘off,’ this podcast is for you.

In this episode, I will share with you the Body Buddies Morning Detox Drink. You will learn the power of L-glutamine, Apple Cider Vinegar, drinking warm water, freshly-squeezed lemon,...

Aug 29, 2017

Are you ready to find the deeper root cause of your health frustrations?
Are you willing to open your mind to new perspectives that may shift the way you view your body and abilities?
In this interview with JJ Flizanes, Empowerment Strategist and Fitness Guru of over 20 years, you will learn the 5 Secrets in JJ's...

Aug 8, 2017

USA Today recently put out an article stating that "COCONUT OIL IS BAD FOR YOU." The article claimed that people should stop eating coconut oil immediately, that everyone should start using hydrogenated vegetable oil again, and that this "darling" of the health food industry should immediately be called out.

In this...